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Lana Mae
Alyssia is 23 years old with a passion for uplifting others and helping fellow women see the beauty and goddess waiting to emerge. She has been hooping for 4 years now and has found a sense of self awareness and confidence through her flow. Alyssia is so inspired by the female power that resonates within the Dancing Bear Tribe and loves being able to contribute and bring smiles to the faces of those that watch the performances! When in doubt, flow it out!


Desirea has been dancing since diapers, and hooping for 5 years now. She has always had a passion for free thinking and dancing is her way of doing so. She is always on the hunt for a new way to express my feelings and passions. Hula hooping, fans, and free style dancing are her go to ways to inspire everyone to explore beyond their own comfort zones so they can feel and be as free as she feels when she moves. She encourages everyone to start moving! Desirea is available for private parties and lessons, school and fair functions, festivals, and craft markets. She's always open and free to explore any inspiring events!


McKenzie DeRennflaux (Day-Ren-flow) holds her trust in energy and harnesses it immensely in everything she does. She has been experimenting with creative outlets for her energies for many years now, a few of them being: yoga, dance, flow arts, fine arts and graphic art. Flow arts is something she has enjoyed for nearly 3 years now, being a stage performer for 1 of those years. Hoop is her first love, but she has recently found home in other props including fans and staff. Her flow is fluid, full of emotion and seemingly effortless.
McKenzie holds an associates degree in Communications Art (Graphic Design) and plans to go back to school for a Professional Degree in Holistic Medicine and Nutrition. Beyond this she strives to become a certified yoga instructor. She is forever growing and flowing by ways of kindness, peace, love and energy!
Check out her performance art & graphic art heARTwork portfolio:
Once Alex he entered the juggling universe in 2015 he hasn't left since. Juggling helped eliminate the negative in his life and replaced it with positive energy. Putting the "United" in United States is the slogan he shot for. Therefore red, white, and blue is a common scene. Juggling comes in all shapes and sizes. For example, one can use rings, clubs. balls, and soup cans. It is up to the imagination on how funky one can get. Juggling fire is the most captivating but LED are the go to. Defying the laws of gravity is the biggest thrill when juggling. Juggling has led to many events and workshops. There is nothing better than seeing the face of one when they learn to juggle. While the journey has just started it has led to many place across the United States. From Michigan to Arkansas, Arkansas to Minnesota, Minnesota to St. Louis, St. Louis to Florida, there is a realization that juggling can take him anywhere when he pursue dreams.

Juggling Soup

Ahoy!! Derek here, but most call me Grateful Guy. Sailing from place to place making and selling tye dyes is his trade and expressing himself through different arts in all forms has taken center stage in his life. Grateful has been tie-dying for two years now, with his first dye being on January 9, 2016, which changed his life. He first got into making them because he has always been amazed by the art of dying and the more he got into it the more he began to realize the infinite possibilities of this art medium. Ever since then its been a passion of his to share his tie-dye Treasures and the ever changing art work that is Grateful Guy with the world and everybody in it. Making this world more beautiful and colorful one dye or one dance at a time and bringing a smile to peoples faces is his main voyage.
"There is nothing more prophetic that when you're in the zone, in the flow with fire an the sound waves of ones heart beat; in short it’s ecstasy. Flowing with led is fun but with fire it’s church. It feels primal, like an 'auto Magic' response. Like home. Just your friendly neighborhood Space Pirate bringing his Tye dye Booty to earth for all to enjoy."
Crispy is a passionate flow artist from STL. The hula hoop is her dominant prop, but she enjoys branching off and practicing with dragon staff, poi, and fans. Dancing and flowing with her hoop since 2014, Crispy has come across wonderful opportunities and made many friends. As she traveled across the country attending various different festivals, she realized how much happiness her hoop had brought her. Being able to share her passion with others has affected her immensely. She is beyond excited to perform and create with all the Dancing Bears.
Lily Kay is a 22-year-old passionate performance artist. She began spinning in circles in 2014, and since then has found a unique love for flow arts and dance. Hooping has given her an outlet to express her creative side, and a desire to pursue performance art. Lily Kay has experience in fire and LED hooping. Although her hoop is her primary skill set, she has immersed herself in various props; such as spinning poi, and levitation wands. Lily Kay is a full-time graduate student studying Behavior Analysis and Therapy. She loves to learn and grow with each experience and opportunity that the universe sends her way. She's beyond grateful to be a part of the DBT and have the opportunity to grow with various artists alike.

Lily Kay

Carly has been pursuing her passion for hoop dance since 2014. Growing up she was always trying to find new ways to express herself in the most organic way possible. Carly uses her prior dance and cheer skills to spice up her flow and engage with the audience. Music is her biggest inspiration because of the emotions it evokes. She harnesses that energy and translates into dance. When Carly isn't hooping, she loves to crochet and do yoga.
Audrey started hooping nearly 3 years ago with the help of her best friend and immediately fell in love. Hoop dancing has changed her life in such a beautiful way that she never could have imagined. It has helped Audrey not only connect more with her mind and body, but also change the perception of the life around her. She now finds flow in everything around her and everything she does. Not just hooping, but all flow arts in general. Along with single poly pro and led hooping, Audrey also uses a pixel whip and dabbles a bit with double hoops. She is in the process of getting fire spinning insurance and is also looking into silk fans as a new prop. Audrey also is a yogi and is teaching herself the art of contortion. She couldn't be happier to have become a part of this extremely loving community and to have been given the opportunities she now has. This year will be Audrey's first time ever performing and words can't express how nervous and excited she is! The stage is calling her name and it's only a matter of time until she can call it her home. Audrey is so grateful to have such a lovely, creative outlet and something that has helped her create a space that is uniquely her own.
Katie has been spinning poi for about 10 years. She fell in love with the geometric shapes and the dance at first sight. She will give you a great fire or glow show! She also practices with double staff, contact staff, devil sticks, levi wand, and anything else she can get her hands on.

 Katie Kay

Alison's biggest dream is to see everyone she knows doing what they love, and loving what they do. She is Yoga Certified, a musician, a creator of many artistic things, and the Owner of Wonderland Farms.

Victoria Caligiuri is a multifaceted visual performer with several theatrical personas she artistically portrays through the Performing Arts.Victoria's roots stem from belly dance, burlesque performance, as well as theatric character & prop use. She is a very driven & career oriented individual, with several years of experience working in childcare as a Preschool Teacher while balancing her life as a performing artist. Victoria is also working to cultivate a disciplined practice within the Healing Arts, building an apocathery, as well as attaining her Yoga Instructors Certification through the Yoga Alliance this Spring!

Raven Vixen

Lana Mae is a highly skilled, passionate performer, who discovered her love for the art of hula hoop in 2010. Lana Mae obtained her certifications to teach Hoopnotica and soon after started traveling across the United States with her hula hoops. Lana Mae is a Co-Founder of The Dancing Bear Tribe LLC, as well she is sponsored by notable companies such as HoopConscious, The Spinsterz, and Monarch Hoops & Dance. She has performed at numerous events with her hula hoops, staff, buugeng, levitation wand, fans, & other various flow props that are circus related. Lana Mae has performed with notable musicians such as Sublime and Rome, Ott., The Schwag, Infected Mushroom, and Joe Nichols. On the music festival scene Lana Mae can be regularly found hosting workshops and performing with her troupe : The Dancing Bear Tribe. She is proficient in fire, loves painting the sky with her LED props, and dances with great passion.

Alyssia Ames

Grateful Guy

 Crispy Flow Arts

Kitty is an up and coming performer for The Dancing Bear Tribe LLC. and has been dabbling in flow arts out of passion for seven years. Over the years she had mainly worked with hoops, mastering single, double, and some triple hoop flows, and recently she has been inspired to practice her flow with other props such as Lyra, Levi Wand, Mini Staff, Contact Staff, and many others. With her quirky spirit and positive outlook, she strives to bring flow to those who have the highest doubts in themselves, for this is how she blossomed into the woman she is today!Along with her performances Kitty is also an aspiring entrepreneur for her own handmade products. She is constantly crafting, parenting her two kids, flowing, and thinking of new ways to expand her skills and knowledge. Kitty’s ultimate goals are to teach as many people as she can about flow arts and how it can change lives for the better, and to experience life in the best way possible... by chasing her dreams with endless ambition!

Cosmic Kitty


Luxxx is very passionate about her flow and her 3 cats! She began flowing at the beginning of last year and her props of choice are levitation wand and silk fan veils, while she also enjoys hooping, dragonstaff, and double mini hoops, and in the past couple months has
taken up spinning and eating fire and fell in love ! She currently dances for Unity Subsquad for Subsonix OKC Flow is her favorite form of meditation and relaxation.

Captain Morty

Captain Morty is a multitalented performance and visual artist. She began flowing 3 years ago with a hoop and has since then branched out into Staff, Fans, Double Hoops, RopeDart, and Silk Fans. She also began spinning fire a year ago. She has always looked up to being part of The Dancing Bear Tribe, and is so GRATEFUL to be a part of this performance
group! Captain Morty also finds love in yoga, painting, wire wrapping, loving on her rescue and foster fur-babies and making different types of jewelry. She is excited to show you her different mediums in art, and teaching you different ways to express yourself through flowing and ART!



Stephanie is a fireball of energy, which you can clearly see in her flow. She is based out of Denver, Colorado. She has been hooping for 3 years, and also incorporates fans, poi and especially fire props. She loves live music and sharing her flow on stage. With a performance background, she knows how to express herself on stage and keep the energy high. Stephanie is the co-founder of Circular Synergy, a flow collective out of Denver. She looks forward to growing and learning from all flow outlets, and most importantly sharing her art with the community.
Shelby is an aspiring flow artist with a passion for single and double hoops . With flowing for only 3 years she strives for creativity and pushes herself to learn something new with her flow everyday. Her prop of choice is the hula hoop, doubles and LED but it does not sway
her from practicing other props such as Silk Veil Fans, Levitation Wand and Poi. She is currently sponsored with Ultrapoi and loves to manipulate flow with LED props. On top of flow arts Shelby is a full time manager/bartender and a mommy and wife who pushes her creative brain to the limit to pursue and achieve her dreams. From helping create cocktails for menus and advertisement for tables, to making acrylic pour paintings and hemp bracelets with her family, her passion for the arts doesn’t stop at any level

Sara Flows

Sara Flows is a passionate and continuously evolving artist. Sara has been performing as a dancer for nineteen years, and has picked up various other art forms throughout her journey. She enjoys flowing with her hoop, painting, playing piano and guitar, singing, practicing yoga,
and writing. Sara has high hopes to be a successful author, as well as to see her crystal wrapping and medicinal herb business soar. Sara received a bachelor degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, in which she is passionate about a plant-based diet and what veganism
can do for this world. She believes in peace, love, equality for all beings, and is grateful to be a part of this amazing tribe.

Lindsey Elise

Lindsey is multifaceted performer based out of Arkansas. Sharing the magic of movement with fire is one of her biggest passions. She first started her exploration with hoops, and has since developed a love for leviwand, firefans, and dragonstaff. She finds joy in performing and sharing a piece of herself through expressive arts. Aside from performing
Lindsey has worked as a dental assistant for five years, caring for each patient with love. She is a driven mamabear who lives for the outdoors.

Bee Flows

Brittany Renee (Bee Flows) is a traveling visual performance artist based out of St. Louis who masters the art of spinning circles. She found her flow 7 years ago while following her love for music and while she loves single and double hoop flowing she does not limit herself to just that. She has also expanded into fire flow including fans and hoops, and different poi as well including scarf, flag, led, etc. None the less she is a proud member of The Dancing Bear Tribe LLC and hopes to cross paths with as many people as she can to shed some of her light and flow wherever she goes. Being apart of this tribe and scene allows her to do just that.

Goddess in Progress

Chantalle Garcia (Goddess in Progress) is a Wisconsin-based performer who's passion to inspire and connect with others through flow arts has led her to becoming a new member of The Dancing Bear Tribe LLC. Her journey of the arts began 3 years ago when she began gloving, incorporating tutting and liquid dance into her style. Shortly after, she began hooping, which quickly became her prop of choice. Chantalle has also begun working with ropedart and is committed to continuously expanding her flow. She looks forward to giving back to the scene that welcomed her with such open arms 3 years ago and giving others the encouragement to
endlessly pursue their dreams and express themselves through art. In addition to practicing flow arts, Chantalle has a passion for writing, reading tarot, and exploring the world around her. She is a full-time student studying Business with an emphasis in Economics and plans on joining the Peace Corp upon graduating, hoping to spread love and compassion in all that she does.

Flowins 'N' Growins

Sam is an evolving flow artist based out of St. Louis. Growing up as a dancer movement meditation became a big part of her life. Through that journey she grew to love the act and thrill of performing, and found a comfort on stage. Finding the hoop and expanding into flow has
been one of the most pivotal experiences in her adulthood as it rekindled that expressive feeling. Flow arts have inspired her to continue learning, growing, and expanding as an individual in all areas of her life; and she is so very fortunate to do so alongside such an amazing community.
Evan Clark aka Diddy is a St. Louis based Glover who has practiced liquid dance and tutting for four years. In those years he has joined and lead close to ten Facemelt Crews with Emazinglights and also has competed in and won multiple gloving competitions. Now he has shifted his focus on to the Dancing Bear Tribe and hopes to bring his flow to the mainstream
and normalize gloving as a flow art and also maybe pick up a new flow or two along the way!

Diddy Glover


Jacki is a versatile performance artist, who not only engulfs herself in cosplay, but she also loves performing with flow props. She has been flowing for 3 years and is always open to learn more. Her flow is technical and breezy.

Ava Renne

Ava Kinsland who goes by Ava Renne as her stage name is a thriving young flow artist who has a passion for moving meditation. Ava began her hooping journey only a year and a half ago and since then it has changed her life completely. Not long after discovering her sacred circle Ava
turned to double hoops, silk fans, poi and fire props making her experienced in multiple flow toys. In March of 2019 Ava got accepted into The Dancing Bear Tribe St. Louis! Not long after she also got accepted to perform at One Vibration in Despues, Colorado. Ava has a dying need
to travel and learn new things from all over the world to expand her practices. After being a gymnast for eight years and a competatie swimmer for seven years Ava Now practices yoga and high intensive arm balance. Outside of her many flow practices, Ava has a side bussinuiss
called Lovely Twistz Dread and Accesories, where she provides multiple dread services, handmade wraps, beads, essential oil roller balls and herb infused essential oil candles! Ava is just begging to take off in her own life path and shes so thrilled to be doing it as a Bear member!

Luna on the Moon

Luna on the moon Aka Lauren is motivated and an inspired flow artist. Lauren has been hooping for two years while also starting the new journey of poi and double hoops. She also enjoys spinning fire as well. She enjoys traveling and the outdoors, she is never scared of a new adventure to go on. When Lauren is not dancing with her hoop, she dips her toes into the pool of creativity with paints and art projects. Lauren is passionate about giving back to the community so she works as an EMT helping those who need it. She has been vegetarian for one year now and very proud of her decision to not eat meat. She has a love for animals including her beloved dog Kawi, always taking her on every adventure she can. Lauren one day hopes to travel the world doing what she loves in the medical and art community, while also spreading love and equality to to all those she comes across.

Dancing Kitten

Hannah (Dancing Kitten) is an aspiring artist and model who has always dreamed of being a part of The Dancing Bear Tribe. Her current prop of choice is a single hoop, but she can not wait to flourish and learn other prop  manipulations!


Cheyanne is a vibrant hoop artist. She started hooping a little over two years ago and fell in love with the art instantly. Whether if it’s just in her back yard or a show, she puts all of her passion and fun into her hoops. Not only is he hooping contagious to watch but her electric personality brings just that little extra sparkle to the performance. From a lay back scenic vibe to electric beautiful chaos, she can match the flow with her hoop in her hand!


Veronica is a free flowin hooper that has been discovering her flow since 2017. She has been able to unlock new tricks and variations that please the eyes and help you discover new ways of movement and flow. With every new experience she explores innovation and new perspectives.
STS Flow
Flow Through Wonderland
Executive Bear
Executive Bear
Karly has always had a passion for dance since she was a child and found an amazing thrill in the expression of art through body movement. When she discovered a hula hoop as an extension of that expression, so many things clicked, like her life came full circle. Since that moment about 4 years ago she's extended her focus and passion on the sacred circle through l.e.d and fire props, along with finding the magic behind all flow arts. Slowly but surely shes been exploring the wonders of other props such as contact staff, silk fans, and levi wand, extending her repertoire, and working on collecting as much knowledge under her belt that the universe will allow. On the journey to grow as an individual and take advantage of all the opportunities put in her path as well as on a mission to spread the light and love she's found through these passions and manifest the magic with others through workshops, events, and performances.

Karly Peek

Wanda Valles

Wanda specializes in LED and fire flow performances with hoops, fans, and palm torches. Hoop instructor for MadAboutHoops based out of Denver, Colorado.